We can think of a plethora of reasons why people choose vinyl flooring, but before you go and decide to get them installed on your floors, there are some things you must know about them first.

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With that in mind, allow us to showcase some essential details you, as a homeowner, must know about. But first, let’s define what vinyl flooring is.

Let’s Examine What Vinyl Flooring Is

Polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), a synthetic substance, is used exclusively in constructing luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl tiles or boards are created by heating and pressing PVC into thin layers, which are then glued together.

Each vinyl piece has a photorealistic visual layer representing a hardwood, stone, or ceramic appearance. It also has a textured surface layer that resembles the sensation of natural wood minerals and grains.

Vinyl is resilient, adaptable, inexpensive, and resistant to wetness and heavy foot activity. It is frequently mistaken for other durable flooring materials like linoleum and laminate. Although luxury vinyl and laminate are similar, they are distinguished by the goods’ distinct constructions.

Different Kinds of Vinyl Flooring

Tile flooring and sheet flooring are the two types of vinyl flooring. It is a water-resistant sheet flooring that is easy to install and spread across sheets measuring 6 or 12 feet wide.

Vinyl flooring is more affordable than ceramic tile and has the same aesthetic. The tile sizes range from 9 or 12 square inches. A plank-shaped Luxury Vinyl Tile is a good example, which imitates stone or wood and typically reaches 7″ wide by 48″ in length.

Meet the 3 Types of Vinyl Finishes

Generally, there are three kinds of finishes for vinyl flooring installations. Each offers beautiful results that anyone looking for a vinyl or laminate flooring installation in Cincinnati, Ohio, will love. These finishes are among the many reasons why people choose vinyl flooring.

Here are the three types of vinyl finishes in greater detail:

• Urethane Finish – This finish is more robust, heavier, and can withstand light foot traffic. It is also scratch- and stain-resistant and easy to maintain.

• Enhanced Urethane Finish – This is the most durable option and can withstand the highest foot traffic. It is highly repellent against stains and scratches and maintains its brilliance for long without continuous maintenance.

• Vinyl No-Wax Finish – The least durable option of the bunch, it’s ideal for places with little foot activity and little exposure to dampness and dirt.

Be sure to keep these crucial details about vinyl flooring. They’ll come in handy when weighing the pros and cons of vinyl flooring before getting them installed.

The Cost of Vinyl Flooring Installation in Cincinnati, Ohio

Vinyl flooring represents one of the least expensive flooring solutions available per square foot. You can anticipate paying an average of $2–$12 per square foot for installing it. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is similarly affordable, with installation costs between $3 and $14 per square foot.

Vinyl offers tremendous financial advantages over wood, stone, or ceramic flooring. And if you’re handy, you may further reduce costs by installing the vinyl flooring yourself.

If you handle the installation yourself, you should anticipate spending $1–2 less per square inch. However, we at Handshakers Construction LLC are always pleased to do it for you. Also, keep in mind that pricing depends on the project’s intricacy.

Beautiful Designs Are Why People Choose Vinyl Flooring

Some could argue that vinyl flooring’s design options are the best quality; vinyl is a homeowner’s favorite due to its adaptability. Your possibilities are unlimited because vinyl flooring is available in various hues and patterns.

For instance, combining composite and solid vinyl might result in unusual, haphazard designs. Another option is printed vinyl. It allows you to mimic the appearance of hardwood or stone without spending the money to use those natural materials.

Hire Handshakers Construction LLC to Get the Job Done

As presented here, vinyl flooring is a fantastic option for spaces in your house that get a lot of traffic. It is a trendy option for people who want to enhance the appearance of their home because of its durability, affordable cost, and ease of upkeep.

Thanks to the many design options available, vinyl offers a variety of beautiful styles and finishes. Handshakers Construction LLC can deliver great vinyl or laminate flooring installation in Cincinnati, Ohio, along with efficient basement remodeling work. Call (513) 370-1371 or click here to contact us.

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