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In recent years, kitchen backsplashes were only a little addition to the kitchen walls. They were initially meant to shield the walls from whisks of liquid, hence the name. Let’s explore different kitchen backsplash options that you need to match your space.

Over time, the kitchen backsplash became an integral part of the home, making it a staple. Kitchen remodeling is an impossible feat without any addition of a kitchen backsplash. That’s why choosing which ones work best for your home is critical.

Other than the aesthetic factor, its range and function must also be considered. After delving into further information about these materials, you can choose from various backsplashes and make the best choice.

As you move along, you must carefully evaluate which works best for the type of activities you do in the kitchen. For example, if you are an avid cook who might make the usual mess, you need a higher kitchen backsplash that will shield the walls from oil and grease. While cooking, they tend to fly out all over the place; a kitchen backsplash is necessary.

Best kitchen backsplash options for your home

Here is a list of the kitchen backsplash we’ve picked out for you:

Ceramic Tile

Among the standard kitchen backsplash options, ceramic is the most popular. They are versatile to a great degree, and ceramics also vary in shape, size, installation patterns, and colors. You can choose among various ceramic backsplash types, which include the following: matte-glazed, crackle-glazed, hand-painted, metallic, large format, and mosaic finish.

Since there are many options for ceramic tile, you can still get the best of both function and style. Ceramics is also a low-cost material that’s easy to clean and replace. However, the more intricate the design, the more expensive it gets. That’s a general rule of thumb you must remember.

For ceramic tiles, you must also keep a bunch of spares since you might need them for repairs shortly. It also forms cracks and stains, with grime forming around the grout if left uncleaned.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are made of compressed clay dust flamed to the highest temperature. Unlike ceramic, porcelain tiles are not usually glazed, and you have limited options. Even though it’s not as decorative as the rest, its durability is promising.

This tile cannot be customized into various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. However, if you’re going for a realistic look on your kitchen walls, a porcelain tile evokes a similar look to stone, wood, and glass.

Its durability is a dependable trait to have since it doesn’t crack. Plus, it can look for luxury and won’t have to be sealed. Although it’s more expensive than ceramic, porcelain tiles are still a good investment for your kitchen backsplash.

Glass Tile

Variety is one of the most vital points of glass tiles. Its finish also ranges from glossy to frosted and matte. There’s a new type of finish called the “iridescent,” which reflects all colors, thus ideally suited for sunlit rooms.

Glass tiles help make the room feel larger and brighter due to their reflective properties. It’s also easy to clean and boosts your home’s resale value. However, this is the drawback: they can’t be repaired. Instead, glass tiles need replacement, and finding a match is difficult. Acoustics-wise, glass tiles are pretty bad at the insulating sound. And because they’re heavy, they need reinforcement before installing them.

Stone Tile

The prices for stone tiles depend on the stone type. The design and grade are other factors since the surface quality affects the price. So does the pitting and consistency of color. Granite tiles come in different colors and are made of durable stone material. Another is Slate, which is suitable outdoors with varying shades as well. Check out other natural stones like Travertine and luxurious Marble.

You can opt for an engineered stone that imitates the look and feel of a natural one. Quartz is a famous example. Engineered stone is also a good option due to its nonporous properties. Although promising, it needs constant maintenance and care since soft stones are prone to scratching. Stone tiles are also vulnerable to heat damage and are hard to repair.

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