Kitchen Renovations in 2023 Homeowners Should Consider

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Kitchen renovation in Cincinnati, OH, can be a worthwhile consideration, but when is the right time to do it? Handshakers Construction LLC lets you know.

2023 is nearing its second half, and for some, it’s a time to start considering big changes, whether it’s something personal or something to do with the home. The second half of the year is a great time to begin big changes–and that includes kitchen renovations.

Handshakers Construction LLC knows that a lot of people consider the kitchen as the heart of the home, meaning that they see it as more than just a room. Of course, this does not usually pan out the way most people would like to–and that is because the kitchen is wholly personal and should be ever adaptive; hence, why renovations are usually done.

Kitchen renovations typically touch upon aesthetic qualities and functionalities, but effective kitchen renovations are ones that go above and beyond, enhancing the attributes that make the kitchen what it is in the modern day: the heart of the home.




Streamlining Reliability and Reducing Disruptions.

While you may have romanticist notions of what a kitchen or may not be, there is no denying that it is, first and foremost, a space that is tied to definitive and specific actions. Those actions are cooking and preparing food. 

So, when trying to create the “best” kitchen to suit your needs, bettering its functionality for cooking and preparing food is kind of important (perhaps, the most important, for what is a kitchen if it can’t even hold a fire?). 

The kitchen space must always have the cook in mind. This means that working in the space must be a relatively free and liberated affair. So, no cramped spaces, if possible, no clutter and confusion. 

Cabinets, refrigerators, and drawers should open freely without interference. Countertops should be wide enough that food preparation won’t be an issue, especially when one is pressed for time.

These things are important to note when considering kitchen renovations.

Here are some ideas:

    • Add more space-friendly appliances.

    • Carve out an area for a food pantry

    • Improve organization with drawers

    • Install lighting for cabinets

    • Provide space for a kitchen island or peninsula

The Kitchen Triangle Theory

An important aspect of kitchen renovations is the layout. And here comes the “kitchen triangle theory.” This is in reference to the three key areas of the kitchen: the sink, the fridge, and the stove. The perfect kitchen is where all three are not too close and not too far. While there are actual guidelines about it, the necessary measurements are always dependent on the needs of the homeowner and the area of the kitchen.

The focus of this theory is correcting traffic flow.

Kitchen Renovations for Better Family Use

How does your family use your kitchen? Who’s the one who mainly cooks and prepares the food? When there is no cooking being done, does the kitchen act as a sort of gathering place in lieu of the living room? 

Kitchens make great places for people to relax and do tasks other than cooking. When thinking about kitchen renovations, the needs of your family should be a chief concern.

While the principal function of a kitchen is to be a place for cooking and preparing food, it can also be made to be a space for intimate family interactions and for entertaining important guests and close friends.

Here are some ideas:

    • Add more seating arrangements.

    • Install a beverage bar.

    • More storage for knickknacks or non-culinary items.

    • Upgrading appliances to be safer and more secure.

Improving Electricity Use and Water Savings

Eco-friendly kitchen solutions are important in helping reduce the human impact on the environment by adopting energy efficiency with appliances and water-saving approaches, and “green” materials. As part of your kitchen considerations, you should remember that although eco-friendly are still relatively expensive, they are going in popularity and, thus, are seeing a quick reduction in prices.

A kitchen remodeling is a brilliant opportunity to go “green” and establish a healthier and more environmentally minded space for both cooking and your family.

These are appliances that you should consider changing to fit an environmentally friendly agenda:

    • Cooktop

    • Dishwasher

    • Microwave

    • Refrigerator

    • Small appliances

If you are looking for a reliable kitchen renovation provider in Cincinnati OH, Handshakers Construction LLC has your back.


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