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Investing in bathrooms is investing in self-care. Handshakers Construction LLC best bathroom remodeling contractors inCincinnati, Ohio ensures you’ll receive the best by catering to your demands for your bathroom renovation.

Beyond providing first-rate bathroom remodeling contractors in Cincinnati, Handshakers Construction LLC takes pride in its foundations, reflecting years of experience and expertise.

Consult. Create. Commend.

Achieve your bathroom goals with these straightforward steps.

Handshakers Construction LLC doesn’t drag out their services, unnecessarily holding you back from the satisfaction of receiving and enjoying the product of your creativity and property. Reap the benefits of your design and money as easy as one, two, three with Handshakers Construction LLC!

Why Consider a Good Bathroom Remodeling?

We at Handshakers Construction LLC knows how much you value an impressive and well-designed bathroom. Instead of adorning your space white, from the tiles down to the fixtures, we’ll intricately accessorize and conceptualize with you.

From conventional to experimental remodeling needs, our team of experts is readily available to offer you a helping hand. Bathroom remodeling projects with Handshakers Construction LLC ensures to provide you with these factors:


A well-designed bathroom shouldn’t only benefit your eyes. Instead, it should provide ease of movement, accessibility, and comfort.

Privacy and Relaxation

Bathrooms are designed primarily to accommodate the need for relaxation and privacy. They’re where people feel the most vulnerable. Hence, they must be designed with these factors in mind.

Increased Property Value

It will be worth every expense to design a bathroom that potential buyers may be heartened to purchase, but this doesn’t mean compromising your demands.

Bathroom remodeling can be arduous, tricky, and a headache-inducing project. But with our competent team, an overall bathroom goal isn’t impossible.

Handshakers Construction LLC offers professional assistance to your handyman needs. If you dream of a bathroom serving your visual and functional needs, we’re the company for you!

Handshakers Construction LLC Guarantees Quality

In some unfortunate cases, high costs don’t guarantee a result on par with your demands, giving you the shorter end of the deal. But with Handshakers Construction LLC, you’re warranted to receive nothing but the best for the price you paid or even more!

Why opt for the trusted Handshakers team?

Here are qualities that set us apart from the others.


Hiring an expert for any remodeling project, minor or considerable, is undoubtedly the more practical option. We provide just that. Handshakers Construction LLC has over SIX years of experience working with a diverse clientele. 
    • 6+ Years of Experience
    • Accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Custom Design

Although the company primarily focuses on Cincinnati residences, we have worked with hundreds of homeowners with varying demands. Handshakers Construction LLC knows no two bathrooms should be alike, and everything must be catered to the homeowners’ satisfaction. 
    • 205 Clients Satisfied
    • 687 Projects Fulfilled

Timely Delivery

Handshakers Construction LLC works promptly around the clock. With our client’s contentment in mind, our working hours are flexible, adjusting to what works best for our customers. Customers can expect swift and punctual results with the promise of maintaining standard and an A-grade development.

    • Punctual Delivery Using Our Unique Technology

Here Are the Services We Offer

Handshakers Construction LLC is a company centered on client satisfaction. We’ve built our expertise around services we know will benefit and cater to your demands. Our team is experienced in providing a full-service design to create spaces based on your intricate needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Full/Partial

Whether you need full or little touch-ups to your bathroom, we deliver. We can transform your outdated spaces into modern and functional ones that better suit your lifestyle.

Bathtub Installation

If you dream of a peaceful and serene bath, a bathtub is the perfect addition to your room. Handshakers Construction LLC is equipped to handle your bathtub installation needs.

Toilet Repair

No bathroom is complete without a toilet, but often, this fixture can be easily damaged. A toilet repair is cheaper than a total replacement, and our team can help you with that.

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

With your safety in mind, Handshakers Construction LLC provides a more accessible and universal design to your bathtub demands. If you prefer a walk-in bathtub, we can install it for you.

Plumbing Fixtures Installation

Installing and upgrading your plumbing fixtures is as crucial as installing the more significant appliances in your bathroom. But this demands an intricate process, which our team can promptly provide.

Shower Installation

Whether you want a spacious shower or a modern and stylish one, we can deliver. Allow us to change your shower depending on your lifestyle.

Water Line Installation

What good use is a well-designed bathroom if it doesn’t have a decent water supply? Handshakers Construction LLC can help ensure your water line pumps enough water for your needs.

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One of the cheapest yet highest quality Bathroom Remodeling service we’ve ever availed of. The Handshakers team was very accommodating and giving to our demands. I knew they wouldn’t have complained since we’re customers but they were very patient. Truly the best!


The team was very patient in attending to our needs. We recently had multiple installation projects for our bathroom, and choosing the Handshakers team was the best idea!


Their bathroom remodelling is one of the most detail-oriented services I’ve ever utilized. The team was very accommodating and patient in addressing my requests.
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